A collective, open, and dynamic project

Our idea is running every activities based around the themes of ethical and solidarity. In the past three years, the team has expanded largely and the inhabitants of the valley has gotten involved in the activities of the Relais Montagnard. We want to create an open and welcoming place for all kinds of initiatives and participation. To fulfil this idea, we never stop learning from daily organizing and from respecting everyone’s needs and vulnerabilities.


The Relais Montagnard developed a commercial mode but not for the private benefit of a single or several individuals. We fix our price for allowing everyone to take advantage of sustainable and economic activities. If voluntary is an essential part of a team, we hope that we will be able to develop a perennial staff system. Besides running the Relais, the guest house, the biggest worries of us is how to pay our partners (brewers, farmers, bakers, artists…) based on the value of their works.


Local, seasonal and fair procurement is what we promote. Particular attention is paid to the selection of products we offer for the bar and restaurant, in the respect for the earth, its occupants and our health. So we try our best to avoid supermarkets and most of our purchases is directly linked with local producers or organic grocery stores.