L'association Caravan'Olla

Le Relais Montagnard and the association “l’Autruche” are part of a larger network. Since 2013, a group of ten friends started an collective project, then more and more people came and joined this group. All of they more or less connected with militant networks like l’Ouvre-Tête, GRAPPE, Rencontres du Maquis…

All members have the same conviction: If we supported by the law which relates to the freedom, responsabilités des universités (LRU) et le Contrat Première Embauche (CPE), les Semaines de l’Environnement, les Amaps campus, and student journals, nothing can stop us to:

  • Continue to be collective with a long-term sight
  • Take debate in different field
  • Guarantee the stable of our average livelihood

The emancipation, the convergence of struggles, the willing of self-sufficient, the reclaiming of our lifestyle… These are part of the spirits which we want to inherit. Gradually, some projects and lots of ideas have emerged, and it comes the time to share them with everyone.

Besides the Relais Montagnard which is organized by the association “l’Autruche”, there are other associations:

  • The association Caravan’Olla: A team with cookers and rents the tent, fans of event and always looking for the combination of festival and activism for making the link with peasantry,culture and food.
  • The Dissonances institute: Whose main objective is transcending the boundaries of discipline, knowledge, and actions by offering a link with research, public education and activism.

Lots of other ideas will definitely turn this group into a field of social experimentation and alternatives.